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Play TOS Act 7 with the Enterprise crew!

The wait is over and act 7 of TOS is finally here, with appearances from some of your favorite characters! Join the crew of the Enterprise as they face their fears and ghosts from the past. Can they convince Equilibrium that they are worthy of survival? Will Spock and McCoy save the Romulans and Klingons Read More

Introducing Alliances!

Now you can compete in Star Trek – Wrath of Gems with your friends! Form or join alliances, select other worthy players based on the strength of their crew and fleet, and build the most powerful team to win bigger prizes. Get Wrath of Gems free now on Android and iOS, and as always stay Read More

Act 7 of TNG has arrived!

In this latest installment, Picard and the crew have a run in with their dear friend Q, and wind up in an unexpected confrontation with some confused Borg. If Q is around you can usually expect trouble, and you’ll need a powerful fleet and experienced crew to fight your way out of this mess! Test Read More


Star Trek – Wrath of Gems

Get on board with your favorite Federation crew members in this official Match 3 RPG puzzle game, and travel through the United Federation of Planets in this classic puzzle adventure game for your phone and tablet!

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems combines your favorite Star Trek characters, spaceships and races from The Original Series and The Next Generation. Advance through different storylines, experience varied game modes, and much more.

Collect and evolve your favorite spaceships and characters and help famous captains like James T. Kirk on their missions. Match and battle against different races, like the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans.


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Genera Games, in collaboration with CBS Interactive, bring this cultural phenomenon to mobile devices worldwide, in Star Trek – Wrath of Gems! The game utilizes familiar match 3 elements and incorporates three varied and challenging game modes, which include starship battles, one to one combat, and diplomatic encounters. Expanding on the simplest of game mechanics, Wrath of Gems requires users to strategize and evolve their characters and starships in order to advance.

Players can choose between The Original Series and The Next Generation campaigns, and follow never before seen storylines including their favorite characters from the beloved franchise. Trekkies and casual gamers alike are sure to enjoy this totally unique gaming experience!