Share, follow and send gifts with Facebook!

Attention! Buckle up and hold on tight, because the new Facebook features heading your way are about to send you into warp drive! The coming weeks will be loaded with new features, from sharing your progress to sending gifts to friends. Facebook will no longer be just a means of saving your game.

Up until now those hard earned scores have gone unnoticed, but soon you will be able to share your results or rewards with friends and even earn coins in return! It’s a win-win! Or maybe you want to find out who your biggest rival is. This new feature plots your friends’ progress on the story map, so now you’ll know who’s best to beat! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Send gifts to existing players and hope that they’ll return the favor. If your friends aren’t yet part of the Star Trek world, now is your chance to invite them, only you know how much they are missing out!

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